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Whether we are fighting for homeowners in a construction defect case in Seattle or fighting for the rights of children around the world, we love to see justice prevail. We are committed to our clients' interests and leave no stone unturned when advocating for what is right. We sleep easy at night knowing we are fighting for the right things and the important things. Things like peoples' homes and childrens' lives.


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Robert Goff

Bob Goff is the founding partner of Goff & DeWalt, LLP, where he provides the senior leadership of the firm. Mr. Goff has a background and expertise in community association general counsel matter as well as complex construction defect issues. Additionally, he is involved in planning and construction of residential housing and in common interest development issues. Mr. Goff also leads the firm’s efforts to provide services to promote and protect international human rights. In this capacity, he is recognized and accredited as a Diplomat by the US Department of State.

Danny Dewalt

Daniel J. DeWalt is a partner of Goff & DeWalt, LLP, emphasizing construction defect, condominium law, and homeowner association law. Mr. DeWalt is a member of the State Bar of Washington, the King County Bar Association, the Pierce County Bar Association and Washington State Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. DeWalt and his family are involved in human rights efforts in Southern India and Africa, and are engaged in the restoration of oppressed children in those regions.


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Goff & DeWalt was founded on the belief that through hard work and earnest and enthusiastic representation, attorneys can make a positive difference for their clients. Every partner, associate and staff member of Goff & DeWalt seeks to foster that tradition. The firm has a staff of highly experienced attorneys and an exceptional staff to respond to our clients’ needs in a timely and proactive manner.

Goff & Dewalt Sign The attorneys in the firm have represented homeowners and community associations throughout Western Washington and other jurisdictions in mediations and in the pursuit of construction defect matters. Goff & DeWalt attorneys have been retained by lawyers in other jurisdictions for consultation on the development and prosecution of construction defect cases. Goff & DeWalt attorneys are also actively involved in the legal community, remain current on all industry matters, and are regularly invited to speak at many local and national seminars on construction and related conflict resolution matters. The broad base of legal experience and involvement in the community allows Goff & DeWalt attorneys to most effectively serve their clients.

The successful trial experience, exceptional educational backgrounds, and extensive experience with community association law combine to make the Goff & DeWalt team of attorneys particularly qualified to handle the most complex construction defect cases and to provide general counsel services through reconstruction and beyond. Goff & DeWalt attorneys have a proven track record in resolving disputes without litigation where possible. The firm’s attorneys consistently use their best efforts to achieve the most cost efficient resolution of their clients’ matters without compromising the value of their clients’ claims.

The attorneys at Goff & DeWalt, LLP are committed to their clients’ interests and to upholding the highest standards of professional service, delivered with personalized attention. Each of the firm’s attorneys has a superior track record and aggressively pursues their clients’ rights to achieve their clients’ goals.


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Goff & DeWalt, LLP emphasizes construction defect litigation and resolution general counsel on behalf of community associations. With combined experience of over 45 years serving community associations, Goff & DeWalt is prepared to assist your association in navigating the occasionally turbulent waters in in order to protect the association’s legal rights and pursue a recovery to repair defective construction. We assist Boards of Directors in analyzing the association’s rights and claims and provide alternative approaches to resolving the Association’s particular claims in the most expedient and cost effective manner possible.

Feel free to call and invite us to your next Board meeting. 206.903.9799

Construction Defect

decayedThe decayed conditions in the photograph to the left were found on a condominium building that was two and a half years old. However, from the outside there were no significant signs of problems in this location. Goff & DeWalt helps homeowner associations determine whether its buildings are distressed and, if so, seek recovery of funds to make repairs from the parties responsible for the defective conditions.

We make every effort to resolve association’s claims through alternative dispute resolution processes while aggressively protecting and pursuing each association’s rights.

In Washington, condominium homeowners associations generally have four years from the date of the first unit sold within which to exercise its rights before its most valuable protections expire. Consequently, every condominium should have a building envelope inspection performed no later than the three year anniversary of the first unit sold.

Goff & DeWalt guide homeowners associations through an initia. l building envelope inspection and an analysis of its rights and responsibilities. We will be pleased to meet with your Board of Directors at no cost to provide input with respect to your association’s particular circumstances regarding its rights and remedies for construction defects.

Feel free to call and invite us to your next Board meeting 206-903-9799.


After the combined experience of over 40 years in complex construction litigation, Bob Goff and Danny DeWalt are well versed in resolving cases through mediated settlements.  By assisting parties to come to a mutually beneficial resolution to avoid the risks and costs of protracted litigation, Bob and Danny will help navigate the waters of risk analysis and the interplay between legal, factual and insurance impacts on those risks.

We are a solution-oriented mediation firm that works relationally and creatively to find the best result in light of all of the complex factors influencing the decision-makers.  We seek to refine the issues to make decision-making as simple as possible in light of each party’s goals.  We work on an hourly basis, we make sure to be thorough in reading materials, we learn the important aspects of each case and we work hard to understand each client’s objectives.

Please feel free to call us if we can help you bring your case to a prompt and meaningful settlement.

Human Rights


Restore International finds audacious ways to restore justice to children and the poorest of the poor. Our field of operations is the world.

restore-signRestore International employs human rights professionals, lawyers, and nationals to combat injustice. Our current focus is on Uganda, Africa.

Restore International was established in 2004 by Bob Goff, the founding partner of Goff & DeWalt, LLP. In 2002 he took a trip to India and witnessed first-hand the atrocities and injustices committed against children. Since then, he has been dedicated to ending human rights abuses towards children.

Restore International is currently working on strategic initiatives to promote peace, rehabilitation, and justice, with a central focus on the war-torn north.

In June of 2007 Restore completed and opened Restore Academy, a school in Gulu, a city in the war torn region of Northern Uganda. The school teaches the equivalent to middle and high school in the U.S. The students vary in age because of the effects of the conflict; many of its students are resuming their education due to the war, whether they are returning from their role as a soldier, refugee, or abducted child. 30 students attended the first day of class, but that number has rapidly increased to Restore Academy’s current enrollment of over 100 students. These students are taught by a staff of six Ugandan teachers. The mission of Restore Academy is to raise the next generation of leaders in a nation that has the youngest average age of any country in the world.

Bobi, a large IDP camp (“internally displaced persons” camp) near Gulu in northern Uganda was struggling to provide clean water to its inhabitants; there was one working well for over 35,000 people. In response to this crisis, Restore repaired and built five additional wells to serve those living in the camp. These new wells provide accessibility to clean water and help to prevent the spread of waterborne illnesses.

Restore is currently working to provide a more equal and just labor market.

Restore finds individuals, primarily underage, who are trapped in forced labor, documents their conditions, reports these findings to local police officials, and then assists authorities who conduct a raid, thereby freeing the workers. After being rescued, the underage workers are placed into rehabilitation homes that have been approved by Restore International.

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The Social Network Advantage - Opportunities and Pitfalls for Social Networking as Communication Tools for HOAs and Managers

by Robert K. Goff, Daniel J. DeWalt

Download PDF

Working With Washington Community Associations, Volume III, 2008 ed.

by Robert K. Goff, Daniel J. DeWalt and Kenneth W. Strauss

This is a complete resource for association managers, directors, officers and members. Our resource includes easy-to-understand answers to association legal issues; Washington law and statutes for condominiums, homeowners associations and non-profit corporations; various resources and websites useful to those working with community associations and much more.

Download PDF


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